10 June 2009

New works in 2009

Hi guys,

I have been very busy these last weeks, and unfortunately I haven’t got a lot of time for the music, which is simply very painful to me…
However, I was lucky enough to book one recording day with Cameron McKenzie who produced my “Dreaming is the Way” EP in 2008.
Cam is a great muso, guitar player, engineer & producer, actually on tour in Canada with Mark Seymour (Hunters & Collectors)
That day Graham Thwaites came to play some drums on a revisited & adventurous version of “Maybe one Day”, the highlight already of the 2008 session with Cam.
The other track we worked on is “Dusk”, an instrumental piano based song, inspired by a recent trip to Marysville in Victoria.
Marysville is one of the towns totally wiped out by the bush fires which ocurred in Victoria lately, especially during “black saturday” last February.
We recently visited Marysville after the bush fires, arriving at dusk in this desolated little town lost in the middle of the forest, and it was such a sad & unreal vision that I decided to express my feelings in this instrumental track called “Dusk”.
I hope you enjoy the songs, they can be found, played & downloaded on the MUSIQUE page of the website.

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