05 December 2021

New single – “Faith Without You”

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I am proud to announce the release of a new single, “Faith Without You“, out of my new EP “The Last Blue Sky” released in October 2021.

Faith Without You is an important track to me, as its underlying message is the difficulty of keeping faith in a world when important people to you leave you behind, and when you are sometimes looking for divine signs and do not see them. But still, I am a believer, and I believe God has is owns ways, which are beyond understanding.

To accompany the release of this single, an animated video clip was realized by two sisters, Mylène and Julie Jarrier-Stettin, both graphic designers, who did a fantastic job!

The video clip can be found on YouTube at the following address:

The song (audio version only) can be listened on my website on the EP page at

You can also find the “Faith Without You” single for listening on the following streaming platforms








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