28 April 2009

Broken Leg And New Old Song

The start of this year has been a little bit painful for me, I broke my leg at indoor soccer, and had to walk with crutches during two months.
And I’ve put aside any idea of gigs or anything.
But meanwhile I’ve been listening to some old stuff, some old recordings, and I thought I’d put on the website a new track “Mesdemoiselles”, which is actually a new old song, since it was recorded back in 2004 in Taverny (Paris, France) where I worked with Alain Parmentier on a few songs, such as “Alcool” too.
I hope you enjoy it, it has an interesting violin part played by a tzigane player if I recall, and great lyrics by my French Cousin Cyrille Latour (and my other cousin Matthieu Latour was playing the drums).
It’s an old song back out there, but it’s always nice to have something new to put on the website
The songs can be found under the MUSIC page of the website under the “morceaux inedits” in 2003-2004.
Hope you enjoy, catch you soon.
Cheers !

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