02 September 2009


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Since a few months I’ve been part of an exciting new musical project that has been taking form, and now has a name: THE LAVA TONES!
The Lava Tones are comprised of guitarist vocalist songwriter Fitzo (from London), Dave Lindsay “The Teacher” (from Melbourne) on the saxophone/harmonica and I (from Paris/USA…) play the bass + sometimes xylophone/melodica + anything I could put into my hands…
It’s a project of 3 friends, who like to get together in order to have a good time around a few good beers and glasses of wine, and yeah why not, play some music together…
The result, largely crafted around Fitzo’s great skills at songwriting, is a curious & magical blend of pop, jazz, alt country, bossanova, you name it…
Band bookers, looking for a curious entertaining eccentric easy listening band???: please don’t hesitate to book us for any gigs around Melbourne, or include us in a line-up
Bookings from November onwards.
Please check out our MySpace page ( for more information and to have a listen to our songs.
The Lava Tones first major gig at the Gertrudes Brown Couch (30 Gertrudes Street, Fitzroy) on Wednesday 11th of November!
The Lava Tones (Mark Fitzpatrick, David Lindsay, Tim Chesley) will be revealing their beautifully crafted songs and their unique blending sound.
An event not to miss.
Support act: Emily Brown from 8pm; The Lava Tones from 9pm, $5 doorcharge
Lava Tim

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