01 October 2021

New single “Dreamers”

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I am proud to announce the release of a new single, “Dreamers“, out of the upcoming EP “The Last Blue Sky” which will be released and distributed on October 13th, 2021.

Dreamers is the first single I officially release with the English label Revolver Records, with whom I have signed a new deal for them to support me in my next musical productions these next years.

To accompany the release of this single, my brother and artist David has realised a great video clip you can watch at the following link:

The song (audio version only) can be listened on my website on the EP page at

You can also find the “Dreamers” single for listening on the following streaming platforms




To end, a short word of presentation of the track by Revolver Records:

Single Information
The first single from the upcoming album “The Last Blue Sky”, “Dreamers” is a 7-minute journey into an idealised world “where silence and beauty would be one”, who’s sound evokes the style of classic Progressive Rock acts like Pink Floyd and Anathema. Backed by a solid rhythm section and floating guitars, Tim’s lyrics express his longing for a better world, inspired by faith when all hope seems to be lost. After weaving its way through the bridge, the song ends on an inspiring acapella of female vocals, recalling the classic sounds of the legendary album “Dark Side of The Moon”, while still feeling fresh and modern. Introspective but hopeful, it is a song for the “Dreamers” of the world.




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