29 April 2020

Some news from Tim Chesley – “The Last Blue Sky” EP

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Hi everyone

First of all, I hope you are all doing well, as well as your families, in these complicated pandemic times.

We are indeed all going through a very strange time in our lives, and I think that each one of us will look at life differently once we get out of this. We will all probably enjoy more the simplest things, like walking in a park, on the beach, going to a nice restaurant…

It has been over two years since I posted anything on my website (!), the last time was to announce that I had been signed by an independent English label “Revolver Records”, which was already big news in itself.

Since 2018 and now, I’ve been trying to promote my music with Revolver (notably via EPKs), and last year 2019 I decided to take my destiny in hands, as to keep one evening in the week for my music, whatever happens. This allowed me to move forward with 7 new demos in 2019, in order to record a new 5 track EP.

At the start of 2020, I approached Music Factory, with whom I recorded the 5-track EP “Rain” a few years ago, and with whom it had been a great experience.

Good news, this year Julien Vonarb ( and Aurélien Ouzoulias ( from Music Factory are ready to help me realize my new project 5-track EP called “The Last Blue Sky

Right now Aurel is recording the drums and percussion parts, so things are progressing on the project, despite the fact that the confinement requires us all to work remotely.

I posted a demo version of “Rainbow Song” a few weeks ago on SoundCloud which will be the first track to appear on the new EP. (

I made a lot of effort to get a good demo, but it is only a demo in the DIY style, and once the song (like the others) will be completed with Music Factory, it will not be more the same story. It will be a little bit like day and night.

I would obviously keep you informed of the rest of the project (finalization, promotion, new clip?)

Do not hesitate to listen to the other songs on the MUSIC page of my website if you are not too familiar with my universe.

See you soon, stay safe everyone.



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