05 December 2020

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Dear all,

First of all I hope you are doing fine after what was a complicated year (I will stay polite…) for everyone.

On my side, I have been lucky enough to this day to stay healthy, and I have been advancing slowly but surely on finalizing my last EP called “The Last Blue Sky”.

The songs are now all recorded and mixed (except for one track where I have been pretty picky and demanding with the mixer Anthony Arconte : hope he will forgive me)

The next step is the mastering and then promoting.

I am not planning at this stage any gigs, but maybe some kind of gigs from home on YouTube live. One of the goals of 2021 is to work on a repertoire here.

I have made some interesting connections lately (local radio, artist agency, web marketing, …), hopefully this will give some results in 2021.

Good news also on the record label side where I should be receiving soon a new contract with Revolver Records from 2021 onwards.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and find peace and harmony in your soul to start 2021 with good spirit.

To give you these good vibes, and an idea of what the EP will sound like, you can find and listen to an early rough mix of one the tracks called “Into The Light” at the following link: 

All the best and hugs to everyone

Tim, Sunday 6th December 2020, Midnight


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