26 February 2009

Vertigo Observer

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Hi folks,
Today is history: I have been working since 2004 on a relaxed side-project called VERTIGO OBSERVER with my friend and great musicien Noxize, aka Flesh is the Fever, from Paris.
He is more a techno, drum & bass oriented, I am more a pop/prog rock freak, but we have learned to work together and enjoyed confronting our different musical universes.
The result is VERTIGO OBSERVER, which is a colourful patchwork of these influences, melodic, beat & hypnotic catchy experimentations which we hope you will appreciate.
The reason why it took us 4 years to write 4 songs (that’s what I call productive…) is partly due to the distance, Noxize being in Paris while I am here in Melbourne, Australia.
That’s why I consider these 4 tracks real little gems considering these difficult conditions.

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