17 March 2018

Tim Chesley is now a Revolver Records artist

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I am proud to announce that I have been signed by an independent English label “Revolver Records”.

With Revolver we have decided to reissue and distribute my last two albums “Maybe One Day” and “Rain”.

Here is a link to access these two albums on line, via the Revolver Records website:


To be signed by a record label is a true accomplishment for me. Even though I have abandoned today the idea of success and living out of my music, to be signed by a label means for me the recognition of years of work and efforts to produce good music with interesting ideas.

Another positive aspect of things now is that Revolver Records is going to support me in producing and releasing my future albums (to know that you have a record label behind you with dedicated people is a good source of motivation).

Revolver Records is currently promoting my music in England (my songs got airplay on an independent NFP radio station, etc.) and I will keep you posted about this.

Unfortunately right now I am very busy and am lacking time to spend on recording new material, but things should clear up during 2018, and my goal is to record a follow-up to “Rain”. Of course I will keep you posted through my website, Facebook and Twitter

All the best to everyone.

Tim Chesley.


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