11 January 2010

All my songs available for listen/download

Hi guys,
Some people will say it’s a stupid idea, but f#$% it I don’t care, I have decided to put on my website all of my songs available for listen AND download.
This especially concerns my last two self produced albums, “Tim Chesley” (2006) and “Dreaming is the Way” (2008).
Before for these 2 albums only a handful of songs were available, now all of them, so please don’t hesitate to visit my website ( to download these tracks or the whole album, and then spread the music…



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73 // 2016 Rain
  1. 73 // 2016 Rain
  2. When You Found Me // 2016 Rain
  3. Heaven // 2016 Rain
  4. La Pluie // 2016 Rain
  5. All I Want // 2016 Rain