14 August 2007


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Hi guys,
hope you’re all doing fine.
Just to tell you that I have more gigs coming pretty soon, you’ll find the details below.
For those of you who showed up at the Wesley Anne gig, I would like to say again thank you, of course you don’t have to come at all my gigs mates but I just felt like letting you of my upcoming gigs just in case!
So here are the details:
1) Friday the 24th of August
Abbotsford Convent near Collingwood
From 7 to 9 PM
Free (“Make Poverty History” night)
2) Thursday the 30th of August
THE AFTERDARK BAR (with Emilie Gassin guest)
565 High Street, Northcote
Will play solo on this ‘acoustic night’
3) Thursday the 6th of September
ELWOOD LOUNGE (with my great friend from Sri Lanka, Shivantha)
49-51 Glen Huntly Rd, Elwood
Catch you soon.

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