24 November 2006

Meeting David Bridie

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Hi Everyone,
I hope you’re all doing fine.
First of all, I wanted to share with you some great news: last Sunday, November 19, I went to a gig at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, and on that occasion I had the great honor to meet one of the greatest musicians here in Australia : David Bridie.
This guy is on the list of my main musical influences, and I strongly recommend you to check his stuff.
I also had the chance to meet some over very interesting musicians here in Melbourne:
  • Ken Murray, who teaches the guitar at the University of Melbourne
  • Daniel Gassin,  a jazz pianist
  • Shivantha, a great musician from Sri Lanka, who’s in the process of making a CD.
Hey guys, I am not Madonna, so I’m still counting on you to do some great publicity about my music, and to buy my CD’s.
You can order my CD’s by directly sending an email to me or you can directly buy my songs:

One last thing, I am trying to help an artist from Congo, who’s trying to get out of his country and play some music in one of these following countries:
Malta,Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Malaisia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia.
In order to go in one of these countries, he needs a round trip plane ticket + a legal invitation.
OK that’s all folks ! Cheers.

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