2021 The Last Blue Sky

2021 The Last Blue Sky

  1. Rainbow Song
  2. Faith Without You
  3. Into The Light
  4. When Love Will Reign
  5. Dreamers

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All songs written by Tim Chesley (music & lyrics)

Produced and engineered by Julien Vonarb at The Music Factory Recording Studio (Conflans, France) between March & August 2020.
Mixed and mastered by Anthony Arconte between November 2020 and January 2021.

Tim Chesley – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Julien Vonarb – Guitars, Keyboards, Soundscapes
Aurélien Ouzoulias : Drums & Percussion
Céline Radlo : Backing Vocals
Eva P de la Chapelle: backing vocal on “Dreamers”

Credits: My parents (you will always be with me, I know), my wife (for her ongoing support and who is now a true piano & bass player – bravo to you LaoPo), my children (Arthur, Eva for their continuous support which really touches my heart), my two older brothers JP & Dave, Julien Vonarb, Aurélien Ouzoulias, Céline Radlo, Anthony Arconte, Matt Farr and everyone at Revolver Records, Pierre Vandamme, Isabel Hocquemiler, Mylène Jarrier, Stéphanie Dargent, Sophie Lottefier, Aymeric Boniou and many others of course.

“The Last Blue Sky” EP, following the ”Rain” EP released in 2016, is the second part of a concept called “Rain & Blue Sky” that reflects on the constant changes in our lives, which can be assimilated to the permanent changes in the weather.

“The Last Blue Sky” was also recorded with the Music Factory studio team (Julien Vonarb on the guitars and realization, Aurel Ouzoulias on the drums), and this in order to keep the same sound and ambiance I had found on “Rain”.

“The Last Blue Sky” has a sort of “end of our times” feel, and an overall underlying comforting message that we are all called to live forever and to embrace eternity guided by the inner and deep sense of love which links us all together.

I am really proud of the lyrics on this record, as every song has a powerful meaning or message to convey. Unlike the music which always comes pretty easily to me (as I am usually pretty inspired to find a new harmony or musical theme), I have always struggled with the lyrics of a new song, to summarize words don’t come easily. For “The Last Blue Sky” it was different, as I elected to work on songs where for once I had no difficulty writing the lyrics, which is for e.g. the case for “Dreamers”, which was basically written in one go.

This is by far my most powerful record to date, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Rainbow Song // 2021 The Last Blue Sky
  1. Rainbow Song // 2021 The Last Blue Sky
  2. Faith Without You // Tim Chesley - The Last Blue Sky
  3. Into The Light // 2021 The Last Blue Sky
  4. When Love Will Reign // 2021 The Last Blue Sky
  5. Dreamers // 2021 The Last Blue Sky