26 July 2010

Back in France

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I’m now back in France, it is pretty sad to leave Australia after 4 great years over there, and it is also sad to leave my friend the Lavatones (, but c’est la vie!
At least, this is a good occasion to go back on some of my French projects, such as Vertigo Observer (
Fortunately just before leaving Melbourne & Australia, I had the chance to work in April one last time with the great Cameron McKenzie (Mark Seymour, The Drones, Belle Roscoe, etc etc).
During my stay in Australia between 2006 & 2010, I first worked with Cameron on the “Maybe One Day” CD self produced in 2008 (see and then back on other material in 2009.
Just before leaving Australia in May, I wanted to work with Cameron McKenzie one last time, because I wanted him to remix with his “savoir-faire” the songs I had recorded in Paris in 2006 just before coming to Australia (the ones on the 12 track CD simply entitled “Tim Chesley”)
As a result, some songs were only remixed but some other songs were started again from scratch, resulting in a totally different version than the one recorded in 2006, such as “Sans Histoires” for eg.
I will be happy to upload the rest of my works with Cam on this website in a close future.
Other news, my friend Nick Ross and his teammates have created an original concept and website (, and here I will let Nick directly introduce the idea behind MUDBOARD: “There’s a real creative buzz starting on Mudboard at the moment: Music, photography, graphic art, poetry, short stories, lyrics, short films, and animation…just some of the wonderful creativity that has been uploaded so far. People have responded by saying things like “I’m very interested in being a part of this amazing website” and “I admire your great work for improving creativity and originality”.
Go and have a look – maybe you could help promote originality and creativity to the world, and inspire it, by uploading some of your creations to Mudboard, and then spreading the word around to friends, associates, creators, watchers, readers, and those famous people that apparently are only 6 degrees away. It’s quick and
easy to do.
Nick ROSS, July 2010″

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