29 May 2008

Working On A New Demo CD 5 Tracks

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Hi everyone,
It has been a long time I haven’t given any news.
I haven’t been giving any gigs lately, for the good reason that I have decided to concentrate my musical endeavors in recording (in June) a short Demo CD 5 tracks which I hope will reflect the sound I have in concert, which is basically the acoustic guitar + some effects and my voice. I will be helped here (in Melbourne) in this task by Cameron McKenzie who is a great musician & a great sound engineer with a great sound (Horsehead, Mark Seymour – Hunters & Collectors, The Androids, Belle Roscoe).
Another news is that I’m now a member of BMI, which is a US based P.R.O. (Performance Rights Organization)
And finally, I was doing some archiving lately and found what I believe are some interesting first takes of 2 songs which can be found on my 12 track CD self-recorded CD “Tim Chesley” (2006).
Please find below a link to listen to these songs (“Croire au Bonheur – 2003”, mixed by Alain Parmentier + “Newport – 2003” recently mixed by Thibaud Guichardan), I would be interested in getting your comments if any!

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