2016 Rain

2016 Rain

  1. Heaven
  2. All I Want
  3. When You Found Me
  4. La Pluie
  5. 73

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Recorded at the Music Factory studio (Herblay) between June & September 2015.
Engineered and produced by Julien Vonarb (Music Factory).
Mixed & mastered by Anthony Arconte in January & February 2016.

– Tim: bass, piano, keyboards, vocals.
– Julien Vonarb: guitars, keyboards, soundscapes.
– Aurélien Ouzoulias: drums & percussion.
– Céline Radlo: backing vocals.

The songs on this EP (5 tracks) were written between 2012 & 2014, basically on the old piano that sits in my house.
The recording of these songs was a long process, and they were finally recorded between June 2015 and September 2015 at the Music Factory studio in Herblay close to Paris.
I wish to thank here my dear cousins Matthieu & Cyrille Latour who gave me back in 2012 the will to write songs again, as between 2010 & 2012 I had not written one song, not even a single tune, and felt like abandoning music & recordings.
I wish to thank everyone at the Music Factory studio (Julien Vonarb, Aurélien Ouzoulias especially), for being outstanding musicians and great listening ears to my songs & ideas.
This record is the first part of a concept called “Rain & Blue Sky” that reflects on the constant changes in our lives, which can be assimilated to the permanent changes in the weather.
Nothing lasts forever, but love will always remain, like a perfect blue sky after a great storm.

Lyrics / Paroles

Heaven // 2016 Rain
  1. Heaven // 2016 Rain
  2. All I Want // 2016 Rain
  3. When You Found Me // 2016 Rain
  4. La Pluie // 2016 Rain
  5. 73 // 2016 Rain