1997 Lost Years

1997 Lost Years

Released Date : 30 / Sep / 1997
  1. Life into Fragments
  2. It’s so hard
  3. A cure
  4. Song of the Fall
  5. Timday Groove
  6. Deep End
  7. Wild Horse
  8. Redemption
  9. Earth Beat
  10. Green in Blue

Recorded between 1996 and 1997 at various locations in the French Alps and at Sound Builder Studio in La Ravoire in August 1997.
Mixed at Sound Builder Studio in September 1997.
Remastering by Richard Paraiso in Paris in July 1999.

All instruments played by Tim, except:
– Keyboards programming on Earth Beat & Timday Groove: Dave DLC
– Drums on Life Into Fragments : Thierry Bertelet
– Drums on It’s So Hard, A Cure? : Matthieu Latour
– 6 string & 12 string acoustic guitars on Wild Horse: Ali Boubred

In 1996 I bought a FOSTEX 4 track recorder and started recording in various places around the Alps, including churches, monasteries, or even in the middle of the nature.
I recorded the first four tracks at the Sound Builder Studio, where during the recording process I kept on changing the structures and lyrics of the songs, driving the recording crew to madness.
The reason for this is that at the time I was looking for spontaneity in the writing and recording of the songs. Even though the recordings have overall a lot of flaws, it is for this reason that I still cherish “Lost Years” after all this time, for its global spontaneity and freshness.
My favourite track here is “A Cure?”.

Life into Fragments // 1997 Lost Years
  1. Life into Fragments // 1997 Lost Years
  2. It’s so hard // 1997 Lost Years
  3. A cure // 1997 Lost Years
  4. Song of the Fall // 1997 Lost Years
  5. Timday Groove // 1997 Lost Years
  6. Deep End // 1997 Lost Years
  7. Wild Horse // 1997 Lost Years
  8. Redemption // 1997 Lost Years
  9. Earth Beat // 1997 Lost Years
  10. Green in Blue // 1997 Lost Years